YMonitor Issue 38: Paper Ministries

In an unprecedented approach to governance in Nigeria, the cross Rivers State House of assembly have approved the olimpotic meristemasis budget of the state government. Professor Ben Ayade the governor of the state described the budget as one that is anchored on a belief “in the spiritual force which is their third energy”.

As a result of this several analysts have raised concerns on how the government plan to raise the around #1.1 billion required to fund the budget.

However, there is a huge possibility that the governor who few months ago created nine new ministries in the state plans to achieve this by ensuring these ministries are effective more on paper.

The ministries are, Ministry of Power, Ministry of Finance Incorporated, Ministry of Solid Mineral Development, Ministry of Petroleum Resources, Ministry of Infrastructure and Special Projects and Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
Others are: Ministry of Transport and Marine Services, Ministry of Communication Technology, Ministry of Culture and Tourism Development, Ministry of New City Development, Ministry of Social Housing and Ministry of Establishment and Training.

These ministries have always been touted to be created for paper and not effectiveness due to their controversial and duplicating roles. It’s a waste of unavailable resources at the expense of critical human development statistics


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