YMonitor Quarterly Show: Aligning government policies to citizens realities

by YMonitor

The YMonitor quarterly show held in this quarter analysed the need to align government policy to citizens reality. In Nigeria, there had always been a disconnect between government policy and citizens reality.

Most of the policies of government have not completely address the socioeconomic reality of citizens. The context of explanation was the RUGA settlement policy introduced by the federal government to address the herders/Farmers problem.

Our guests at the show critically analysed the policy and concluded that it is not in consonance with the reality of citizens. Government has failed to address the insecurity situation across the country, they have not brought the perpetrators on of the crime committed against innocent citizens.

Leonard Ebute, a supply chain expert and a public affairs ana

lyst, and Usman Alabi, a researcher with YMonitor were both guests on the show. see link to video below



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