YMonitor Voter Education Series: How voters with disability can be assisted to cast their vote

by Ajibola Emmanuel

Visually Impaired/Blind or incapacitated Voter (PWDs).

The Presiding Officer shall allow a voter who is visually impaired or blind or is unable to distinguish symbols or who suffers from any other physical disability to be accompanied into the Polling Unit/Voting Point Settlement/Voting Point and be assisted to vote by a person chosen by him/her, other than an election official, a polling agent or a security personnel on election duty. Visually Impaired/Blind registered voters may, where available, use the Braille Guide or magnifying glass. PWDs, visibly pregnant women and the aged, shall be granted priority access to voting at the Polling Units, Voting Point Settlements and Voting Points.

Opening of Polls

At 7:30am, the Presiding Officer of a Polling Unit/Voting Point Settlement, or the Assistant Presiding Officer (VP) in the case of a Voting Point shall cross-check the adequacy of materials

At 8:00am, Presiding Officer shall:

  1. declare the Polling Unit open for accreditation and voting
  2. allow voters into the Polling Unit in an orderly queue;
  3. introduce the poll officials, polling agents and observers present;
  4. Separate the queue between men and women, where the culture does not allow the mingling of men and women
  5. Create a separate queue for PWDs; and
  6. Explain the accreditation and voting procedures to all present


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