UBE Funds tracker: Lagos, Ekiti, Osun… have N12.60bn unaccessed UBE funds

by Opeoluwa Quadri

Is the south western states taking primary education for granted? Especially against the background of a popular belief that these states are educationally ahead of other states in the country. There are primary schools in south western states that have more than the required number students per teacher ratio. Only very few of these states have standard primary education infrastructures. Within the south-western region, many prefer to send their wards to private primary schools than government primary schools because of the decadent standard of primary education in these states.

According to a source a primary school owned by the Lagos state government, the population of students in a state owned primary school is outrageously overwhelming, thus putting pressure on the available infrastructure. Six south western states have a total of N12.60bn unaccessed UBE funds, the breakdown of which shows the following:

Ekiti: N1,103,197,934.46


Ogun: N2,871,081,082.46

Ondo: N3,901,878,379.76

Osun: N1,918,783,785.16



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