Lagos state government and growing burden of abandoned projects

by Ajadi Daniel

Every administration is remembered by the quality and quality of project it is able to initiate and complete. The likes of  Chief Lateef Jakande, former governor of Lagos  have etched themselves into the memories of their people as a result of the quality of projects initiated.

With this in mind, most elected officials make promises to execute projects they think would be of immense benefit to their people as well as boost their political profile. Call it the politicisation of projects, but that is what obtains here.

This is usually responsible for the abandonment of most projects, since most are initiated as political compensation and rewards not exactly because of the economic, social or financial viability. Eventually when such projects are started, it is realised that they cannot be achieved given the resources at hand, thus leading to stoppage of work.

And sometimes, ambitious projects such as the Lagos light rail project often fall victim of this political inconsistencies and compromise which usually is not in the interest of long term forward and backward linkage of the economy. Once an administration is not returning to the government house, it switches off and move on from performing it basic responsibility, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode is perhaps a good example, he moved on from Lagos the moment it became clear that he would not be securing a second term ticket.

Lagos Light Rail Project

The Lagos Light Rail Project: The project would eventually be abandoned by a second administration. It was initiated in 2008 and was slated to be completed in 2011. It was however not completed till the exit of Gov Fashola. The Lagos Light rail project is being managed by China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC). Gov Ambode promised to deliver the project in 12 months when he won the governorship election in 2015. Unable to deliver, he shifted the date to December 2016. The pace of work on the project has decreased drastically and there is no set date for completion.

Agege Pen Cinema

The flyover project at Agege Pen cinema which was eventually started after appearing on Lagos budget for more than two years. The project was expected to be completed in December, 2018. Currently the project has been abandoned with no visible activity on the site. The implication of the abandoned project is the worsening traffic situation in that axis.

Oshodi-Airport Road and Iyana Ipaja Road

Both projects are long overdue, in spite of the initial hype and promises, especially with the addition of BRT lane to the Iyana Ipaja road, the project has technically been abandoned. Contractors have left the site, some of their equipment could still be seen but there is no construction ongoing. The state has given no explanation on all these projects, the present administration has not given explanation on all these.

The Akinwunmi administration has done poorly in terms of maintenance of public infrastructure as well as construction and completion of new ones.  His response to issues regarding infrastructural deficit in the state has been poor and quite unprecedented. The Apapa gridlock which is still a recurring issue is a case in point. The Lagos state government has unresponsively hidden under the guise that it is a federal road and has failed to take drastic step to curb the situation. The situation has not abated.

Alakija Road

The Alakija road section of badagry express road is yet to be completed, the pace of work on the project has completely reduced, and there are indication that the project has been temporarily abandoned.

Alaba Road project

This particular project has been abandoned. The project was started about two years back. One of such project that is ongoing on Lagos Badagry expressway.  There had been no explanation for the present situation  of the project.



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