National Day of Action: #NotTooYoung To Run Movement marches to the National Assembly

Press Release

As the National Assembly prepares to vote on constitutional amendment clauses from Tuesday the 25th of July 2017, the Not Too Young To Run (NTYTR) movement will embark on a National Day of Action on the Not Too Young To Run Bill to mobilize support for the passage of the proposed amendment on age requirement for running for elective office. The National Day of Action will begin on Tuesday 25, July 2017 at 8am at the Unity Fountain, Abuja.

Section 9 of the 1999 Constitution as amended clearly outlines the procedure for amending the constitution. By virtue of that section, any proposed amendment to the constitution must be supported by two-thirds majority of all the members in the Senate and House of Representatives. Also, any amendment passed by the Senate and House must be approved by a resolution of not less than two-thirds of all the states. For the Not Too Young To Run amendment to pass, it will require an affirmative vote of a minimum of seventy-two (72) Senators and two hundred and forty (240) honorable members. It will also require an affirmative vote of 24 state assemblies. 

The movement enjoins citizens to participate in the march to mobilize legislators to vote YES for the proposed amendment on Not Too Young To Run. This is a right and not a privilege.

The movement commends the National Assembly for enlisting the Not Too Young To Run as one of the proposed amendments to the constitution that will be considered this week. As the National Assembly votes on the amendments, we urge them to be guided by the interests of the people. The interest of WE THE PEOPLE’ must be respected. As true representatives of the people they should be guided by good conscience, equity and justice. We are optimistic the 8th Assembly will answer this great call of history and remove constitutional impediments to increased youth participation in the political process.

One Shared Value, One Shared Goal, #NOTTOOYOUNGTORUN

Our Shared Value, Our Shared Goal, #NOTTOOYOUNGTORUN


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