#2019: This is why you need to get involve if you have not

by YWriter

The agenda that drove political conversation in 2015 was change, the whole election process was influenced by these political mantra. In 2019, no one can say for sure what the agenda will be, but why wait for the agenda to be set? when you can be the agenda as a citizen. This is a major reason why you have to get involved in the 2019 election.

Political gladiators are beginning to reveal their intention to run for various positions, Political alliances have started springing up, and parties have gotten over their internal wranglings, all is getting set for the final show down, 2019. The reason for all these is to contest for the valuable votes of citizens. This is why citizens must be involved and not be left out.

INEC has released the election time table for 2019, with the Presidential and National Assembly election to take place on February 16, 2019, while Governorship, State Assembly as well as FCT council elections takes place March 2, 2019. Another reason why it is important that you get involve as a citizen before it’s too late.

Your vote every four years is the lubricant that keeps the democratic process going and the quality of your choice as a citizen determines the extent of development enterprise in the country, in all ramifications.



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