Vigilant Report: This pothole in Lawanson road is becoming as big as that of Mushin Olosha

by Chinedu Brown

The Lawanson road in Lagos is beginning to wear off, creating large pothole in the middle of the road which if care is not taken would eventually wear off the entire section of that road, making it difficult for commuters to use the road.

The same situation is responsible for the very bad state of Agege motor road, Mushin Olosha. The blocked drainage spilled water on the main road, which then continues to eat off the asphalt layer. The same situation all over, blocked drainage spills water on the main road, this stagnant water on the main road then begins to eat into the ground thus damaging the road.

Lawanson road has large potholes at different sections. This particular process of damage seen in the pictures has already been completed at the Lawanson bus-stop section of the road, the Asphalt layer is completing off, what you have are granite stones used awkwardly to fill the space.

Concerned citizens are calling on the Lagos state government to address the situation before it gets out of hand.



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