1 September 2022

Ymonitor extends Local Government performance assessment to Kaduna and Abia State

With the success of the recently concluded Local government Performance Survey in Cross River state, Ymonitor will be beaming its spotlight into two states in Nigeria, […]
31 August 2022

How Youths can leverage on networking to foster community development

The youths are active members of any given community, and they play a massive role in the development of their society. Networking is just one of […]
31 August 2022

Local Government Administration in Nigeria: Effective or unnecessary?

Local government administration in Nigeria has been in existence since 1972. However, its inefficiency and ineffectiveness in addressing the primary needs and wants of the people […]
31 August 2022

The Alarming state of security in Nigeria

Insecurity has become a grave concern to all well-meaning Nigerians who continue to wonder how the country arrived at such a cruel situation where no one […]
30 August 2022

The Gift that keeps giving: The History of Abacha’s loot reparation

The Abacha “giveaway” seems not to be ending. Last week, our Sugar Daddy Abacha gave us another “giveaway”. Many stories have followed this new “giveaway”; some […]
29 August 2022

Ymonitor releases report on Local Government performance in Cross River state

Accountability shouldn’t be demanded only at the upper echelon of government; it must be carried out in all tiers of governance, not excluding any sector. On […]
23 August 2022

Citizen Vigilance Report: The North Is Being Washed Away

The Internet went agog when news filtering out of Lagos showed how the metropolis was immersed in water due to flooding some months back. Picture evidence […]
19 August 2022

N41.6 trillion public debt: would Nigeria ever stop borrowing?

It’s official. The country is currently in fiscal distress. Crude oil is currently trading at an all-time high in a very long time, and yet the […]
16 August 2022

Unpaid staffs salaries, deplorable learning facilities : Is Abia State taking education for granted?

An excellent educational system is responsible for increasing the rate of productivity amongst citizens, stimulating innovation, enhancing entrepreneurship skills, and propagating industrial advancement in a nation. […]