Temidayo Taiwo-Sidiq

17 December 2021

Child Rights Act Monitor: See Updated List of States without Child Protection Laws in Nigeria

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child was in 1989, adopted by countries of the world, and a regional equivalent followed in 1990; in form […]
10 December 2021

#AccountabilityWatch: What are the federal and state governments doing about the plight of children?

The last two weeks will most likely pass off as the most difficult for Nigeria’s young population in recent times. In the period under review, there’s […]
10 November 2021

The Anambra Governorship Election: Matters Arising

Residents of Nigeria’s South East state of Anambra can finally heave a sigh of relief with the conclusion of the Governorship Election on Tuesday. Held on […]
5 November 2021

The Anambra 2021 Governorship Election: A Fact File

In democratic states all over the world, elections represent a watershed. This is on the premise that such exercises are generally accepted as the legitimate instrument […]