Issue 034: Covert Affairs



If you want to experience an A1 in secrecy try meeting a Nigerian who’s about to travel abroad. They will converse with you, laugh with you and even share a meal with you, but what they won’t share with you is their plan to travel out of the country. The next thing you’ll see is them posting pictures on Instagram with their new location (no one is more eager to change their location than a Nigerian who’s traveling abroad).

We’re few weeks away from yelling Happy New year. Yet we’re yet to learn about the details of the the 873.5 billion naira budget for 2019. A budget that was signed in June and the details of the budget are not yet out. When did state budgets become so secretive that this administration would rather hide in its pocket than share with the citizens of the state.
To think a 1.168 Trillion naira budget has already been submitted for 2020 by the Lagos State Government. Good luck to us if this administration tells us if the budget was approved or not.



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