LGAutonomy: Know the functions of your Local Government

by Opeoluwa Quadri

Local government in Nigeria is grappling  with the issue of citizens apathy, so that those active in government at the grassroots are not the best of the best. Many citizens cannot relate with the idea of a local government around them that is responsible for some basic functions. Some do not even see the need for them basically because they do not understand what their functions are. Below are the responsibilities of LGAs that you should look out for.

  1. The main functions of a local government council are as follows:

(a) The consideration and the making of recommendations to a State commission on economic planning or any similar body on –

(i)  The economic development of the State, particularly in so far as the areas of authority of the council and of the State are affected, and

(ii) Proposals made by the said commission or body;


(b) Collection of rates, radio and television licenses;


(d) Licensing of bicycles, trucks (other than mechanically propelled trucks), canoes, wheel barrows and carts;

(e) Establishment, maintenance and regulation of slaughter houses, slaughter slabs, markets, motor parks and public conveniences;

(f) Construction and maintenance of roads, streets, street lightings, drains and other public highways, parks, gardens, open spaces, or such public facilities as may be prescribed from time to time by the House of Assembly of a State;

(g) Naming of roads and streets and numbering of houses;

(h) Provision and maintenance of public conveniences, sewage and refuse disposal;

(i) Registration of all births, deaths and marriages;

(j) Assessment of privately owned houses or tenements for the purpose of levying such rates as may be prescribed by the House of Assembly of a State; and

(k) control and regulation of –

(i) out-door advertising and hoarding,

(ii) movement and keeping of pets of all description,

(iii) shops and kiosks,

(iv) restaurants, bakeries and other places for sale of food to the public,

(v) laundries, and

(vi) licensing, regulation and control of the sale of liquor.

  1. The functions of a local government council shall include participation of such council in the Government of a State as respects the following matters –

(A)the provision and maintenance of primary, adult and vocational education;

(b) the development of agriculture and natural resources, other than the exploitation of materials

(c) the provision and maintenance of health services; and

(d) such other functions as may be conferred on a local government council by the House of Assembly of the State.



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