1 October 2022

To the Nigerians liberated and unliberated, Happy Independence Day

By Salmon Adedapo It is that time of the year when the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and his cabinet gather at Eagle Square […]
14 July 2022

Volunteering in politics: An effective step towards driving political change?

In a country where voter apathy is celebrated and gradually becoming a norm, it will take strategic measures to curb this menace in the forthcoming 2023 […]
6 July 2022

YMonitor Launches Policy Review on Nigeria’s National Policy on Education

Education, the great equaliser, is in a debilitating crisis state in Nigeria today. With the world’s highest out-of-school children, poor funding and management, poor teaching quality, […]
1 July 2022

Vote Buying In Elections: A Growing Menace In Nigeria’s Electoral System

Certain elements are present in any election held in Nigeria: vote-buying, snatching of ballot boxes, electoral violence, among others. The Ekiti gubernatorial election bears testimony to […]
16 June 2022

As residents in Ekiti cast their votes for a new governor

Come Saturday, June 18, 2022, residents across the 16 local governments of Ekiti state will be casting their votes to elect a new governor. Like every […]
10 June 2022

Ekiti 2022: What the future holds for Ekiti people

It’s another election season in Ekiti state, and the race to replace its incumbent governor, Kayode Fayemi, is getting heated up. The election, scheduled to hold […]
10 June 2022

YMonitor launches My Vote My Voice 2.0 comics to galvanize increased youth participation in the 2023 elections

The My Vote My Voice comics is an interesting cartoon illustration by Ymonitor, an initiative of The Future Project aimed at galvanizing young Nigerians to get […]
6 June 2022

Does the blood of a Nigerian mean nothing?

The usual destructive elements have yet struck again in Owo, Ondo State. They left in their trail 28 to 50 people dead, explosions and agony. A […]
1 June 2022

Corruption and Paralysis of the Nigerian State

With unrestrainable consternation, Nigerians of all shades received news of the corruption allegations against the Accountant-General of the Federation by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission […]