Pothole tracker: Spotlighting the decadent state of Ikufori, Ije-titun and Iporo Ake roads in Abeokuta


We are spotlighting three roads in Abeokuta that need immediate government attention. The persistent state of public infrastructures in Ogun state is alarming, and successive administration have been unable to address this.

Ikuforiji road, Ije-Titun and Iporo Ake are the roads we are calling the attention of the state government to. The roads are in bad shape with several potholes. They have been this way for long, yet there had not been any effort from the state government to address this.

We are calling on the state government to make it itself more visible by taking responsibility to address the decadent state of these roads.

Ikuforiji road, Abeokuta


Iporo- Ake, Abeokuta

Ije Titun, Abeokuta



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