YMonitor Issue 54: Caught in the middle

Like all those Telenovella romance stories, most Nigerians are caught in between two (2) lovers right now. There’s too much attention & care from both lovers

Literally, one comes like a thief in the night, dressed in Machete, gun & noise, a deviance lover with 1million vibes. The other lover, unkind & canny, comes any time of the day especially when you don’t cover up your mouth, wash your hands or stay hygienic, a nasty lover, invincible to the eyes of many but to the lover who feels it in the throat

Caught in the middle, like most Yoruba demons these lovers are persistent. However, restless & persistent they are, like the telenovelas heartbreaks awaits

In no kinder words, the Nigerian System has so far betrayed Citizens in every aspect. As the shutdown extends further, as well as to other states, with no end in sight

Nigerians are battling two demons. The Coronavirus sweeping away aggressively & the in infamous 1million boys scavenging due to hunger, one is left to wonder the function of the government. A Nigerian caught in the middle of two vices, a disadvantaged, broken system

Caught in the middle, can a Nigerian do a split in the middle?


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