17 March 2021

THE #5FOR5 DEMANDS: What’s done, what’s yet to be done?

On October 11th, 2020, the Nigerian Youths came up with the 5for5 demands a few days into the start of the #EndSars protests. The 5for5 demands […]
17 March 2021

Outspeaking citizens dissatisfaction: A review of global protests in 2020

Despite having one of the greatest public health challenges, leading to lockdowns, economic downturn, and triggering a repressive environment, the year 2020 emphasised the resilience of […]
22 October 2020

#YMonitorArchives: What He Said

Digging deep into archives. Taking a page from this book. The Nigerian Youths brave & hardworking, as against contrary opinions took to the streets to demand […]
22 October 2020


“A serious government would not take long to address the concerns of her citizens” More than a week into the #EndSARsmovement. The Youths are on the […]
6 February 2017

#IStandWithNigeria protest: Next month there would be the biggest of all the rallies–Charley boy

by Usman Alabi Charly boy at the protest.
6 February 2017

#IStandWithNigeria: Tsunami of all rallies on the way—-Charly Boy

by YMonitor Charly boy announced a bigger rally in Abuja, below is the video
6 February 2017

#IStandWithNigeria: Video from protest

by YMonitor
17 October 2016

Abandoned Nigerian students set to protest in Russia

by Usman Alabi Nigerian students on scholarship under a bilateral educational agreement with Russia are currently experiencing hardship due to the inability of the Nigerian government […]