YMonitor Issue 011: Dead Air

by Eyo Emmanuel

In another twisted turn of events Nigeria has succeeded in doing what it does best, perform another magic trick. Sometimes it’s feels we should have a magic wand as one of our coat of arms.

We’ve all heard of ghost corp members. You know those corpers that you never see throughout the service year and magically appear on the day of passing out parade holding their NYSC certificate. There’s also the ghost senator that doesn’t show up for plenary sessions yet collects monthly allocations. Now the latest one is ghost budgetary allocations. The defunct Nigeria Air which was supposed to serve as the country’s national carrier. However after being defunct, budget allocations are still being pushed towards the non-existent national carrier.

Nigeria Air as at this year alone is still costing the nation 193.88 million naira after it’s indefinite suspension. Does this mean that there’s hope for a national carrier after all? Or is this just another disappearing act of public funds?



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