YMonitor Issue 12: xeNOphobia

by Eyo Emmanuel

OYO seems to be our case when you’re inside the country or outside. Nigerians leave Nigeria in their thousands to other nations in search of greener pastures only to be killed or have their source of livelihood destroyed.

This is not the first time that Nigerians living in South Africa have been made victims of xenophobic attacks. However, can we make it the last time that the government makes a few political statements that don’t warrant much and then go back to sleep.

Can we make this the last time that people inflict pain upon our citizens and go free simply because the government doesn’t care enough to follow up on the different cases of xenophobic attacks made against Nigerians.

Can we make it the last time that the lives of our Nigerian brothers and sisters aren’t reduced to mere hashtags.

We’re tired of being on our own. We can’t keep living like we’re on our own when there’s a government lawfully put in place.

Saying no to xenophobic attacks needs to be more than just a hash tag. It needs to be a movement backed up with actionable plans that will prevent future deaths of innocent Nigeria. This is not the first or the second we’re hearing but we’re sure living on a prayer that this is the last.



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