YMonitor Issue 013: Checkmate

by Eyo Emmanuel

They say you should always pick your battles. There are battles you walk away from, some you engage in an exchange of words and then there are those that you roll up your sleeves and break bottle because in the profound words of your typical Lagos agbero “ we die here today”

Then there are times you don’t pick a fight, not because you can’t but because you don’t take a knife to start a fight with an opponent armed with a gun. The Nigerian government was the first to increase it’s visa fees for Americans. America in typical clap back fashion increased their own prices making Nigerians pay extra fees ranging from $80 – $110.

At this point it would have been considered an equal case of do me I do you, however the Nigerian government seems to have caved under pressure as a result of the backlash they got from citizens and have now reduced it’s visa prices for Americans. Even with the reduction Americans still stay a steep price for a Nigerian visa.

Americans are charged a minimum of $180 and an extra $100 for visa processing amounting to a total of $280 per applicant.



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