YMonitor Issue 014: Chop I Chop

by Eyo Emmanuel


In a new unexpected turn of events Seyi Makinde took to his twitter account breaking down how state allocations are actually split in four ways especially in Oyo state. Seyi Makinde who was elected the governor of Oyo state at the 2019 National General election, in his tweets he vowed to bring anyone to book who is caught diverting state funds.

He went further to breakdown how allocations are split four ways:

Governor – 50%

Project Appointee – 30%

First Lady – 10%

Project – 10%

Now we know why some state allocated projects start and then are abandoned halfway, or why newly constructed roads are riddled with pot holes barely a year after construction. With a fraction of the budget being disbursed for the execution of a project, there’s no way that good materials can be purchased for such projects.

Now we know why a lot of state governors look like they’ve never seen the four walls of a gym, because they are too busy getting fat off project allocations.



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