YMonitor Issue 023: Master Key

The line of the popular song “prayer is the master key” seems to have been taken too literally by Governor Zulum as he hires thirty Nigerian Imans living in Saudi Arabia to pray for Borno.

It’s no news that Borno has been at the center of the Boko Haram insurgency. However it seems the logical thing to do at this time is Pray! This is what happens when our leaders stop thinking like leaders and begin to think like the masses.

What are the steps taken to combat insurgence? Is there more top grade weaponry being given to our soldiers? Are measures being taken to train our soldiers to have them prepared to battle Boko Haram. These are the things we need to hear, but trust the typical Nigerian leader to look for the easy way out to pray our problems away.

If praying our issues were the solution Nigeria would be giving America a run for its money. But then again what do we know? Let’s sit and watch as the Imams pray insurgency away.



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