YMonitor Issue 024: Talking Statue

In the words of Sir Elton John “sacrifice just a simple word”. Truly sacrifice is indeed just a simple word especially when like Senator Rochas Okorocha your past actions and current words are like parallel lines.

The senator recently talked-about how the country needs to make “sacrifices” in other to cut cost on running an expensive government. According to him he feels we need to have just one senator per state against three. A laudable idea it is. However coming from someone who during his term as governor of Imo state used public funds to erect statues that were of no use to the people is worthy of an eye roll, an “asko” and then maybe a long hiss Mschhheeeeeewwwww!

What sort of epiphany did he experience that he’s talking about being prudent with the cost of governance? I guess the fact that he is no longer in a position to erect statues has him reevaluating the state of governance in the country.



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