YMonitor Issue 028: Ghost Project

Being Nigerian living in Nigeria you get used to seeing our government in the news for the most ridiculous things. If it’s not a snake stealing money or the president catching cold as a result of his relentless “hard work”, it’s just another absurdity of some form in the news. Recently the national assembly has uncovered non existent projects in the 2020 budget proposed by the National Inland water ways agency including acquisition of vessels, barges as well as procurement of dredgers and other equipment.

The fact that 4 billion naira was appropriated for these items between 2017 and 2019 is mind bugling. So all this Nigeria doesn’t have money, recession is in the air is just zobo.

A country that is truly in recession will not have that kind of money to spend on ghost projects.

I mean who are they going to say the money was going to this time? Madam koi koi or Karishika?

So far they’re yet to pin it on either of the two or any fictitious character we are yet to know off. All we’ve been left with is a politically correct comment by the deputy chairman, house committee on water ways Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe who frowned on the infractions discovered in the budget. He’s frown better be scary enough if the “ghosts” responsible are going to fess up to these projects. Now before you scroll past, don’t look behind you cos I think I see a… Boo!



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