YMonitor Issue 029: Robin Hood

The Nigerian government has decided to follow in the good strides of Robin Hood to take from the rich and give to the poor. At least that’s the narrative they’re trying to push. According to Maryam Uwais the special adviser to the president she claims the funds gathered from the Abacha loot are being geared towards policies to help the plight of the poor and vulnerable Nigerians.

On paper this sounds good but knowing the Nigerian government, one can’t help but think of the worst. The relationship between Nigerians and this government is like being in a committed relationship with a cheating boyfriend.

Your heart can’t help but skip a beat every time he goes “baby I’m going to have drinks with the boys” because you know he’s the proper definition of Yoruba Demon and that drinks with the boys could be a code phrase for Angela’s house. .
This government can claim all they want but we’re clearly not buying what they’re selling. If they’re going to sell us this Robin Hood narrative then we’re going to need receipts showing the “poor” people that they uplifted. If not, all this one na zobo and it’s not even the sweet kind with a zing of ginger.



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