YMonitor Issue 25: The Three Musketeers

The Nigerian government is so quick to claim the title of “Giants of Africa”. Yet mundane diseases such as: measles, lassa fever and cholera seem to have teamed up to take us down as a nation with not less than 99,000 cases of these diseases being recorded over the last three years.

If truly we are the giants we say we are why are Nigerians dying like dwarfs. In 2017 alone there were about 308 cases with about 78 deaths. Cholera that same year had 140 deaths. In 2018 the death toll increased with 171 deaths recorded for Lassa fever and cholera with 830 deaths

I know we love titles, the love for titles seems to be an inherent Nigerian thing. So can the Nigerian government live up to its giant status and do something about our health care. After all giant no be for mouth.



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