YMonitor Issue 26: Riches to Rags

In life everyone likes a good under dog story. Just think of all the stories that you find inspiring. For example @tylerperry who started out homeless to now earning the largest film studio in America. Even some of the movies that we find inspiring all have that under dog story where the hero goes from grass to grace such as: Rocky, Slumdog Millionaire the list is endless.

As things are always on the reverse of this side of the Atlantic, people who were once comfortable are moving into extreme poverty living below 684 naira a day. In April the poverty line was at 91,500, 000 but over the past months is now 94,500,000. I shudder at the thoughts of these figures.

To think we live in a country where more people are being thrown in to the poverty line while a Senator argues about how they’re deserving of driving jeeps.

At this rate is there any hope for improvement or are we just going to keep suffering and smiling in the words of Fela?



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