YMonitor Issue 27: Audio Declaration

If you live in Lagos you’re well aware that our roads have grown from just becoming pot holes to death traps and money vacuums.
I know there’s a popular saying that says narrow and crooked is the road that leads to eternal life, but these Lagos roads are leading no where close to life support not to talk of eternal life.

Sanwaolu has declared a state of emergency on our roads. Wawu! what made him come to that point of realization? Declaration this, declaration that and we can’t seem to see the governor making all these declarations. In this digital age where everything is visual or 3D. Lagosians are tired of hearing what he’s going to do. His declarations remind me of a line from @iyanya song featuring @donjazzy that says “all their money na audio”

Just as audio currency doesn’t amount to much so does audio declarations.



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