YMonitor Issue 36: Alert from the grave


I am neither the selfless Gani Fawehinmi who left his personal issues unattended to and kept fighting for the plight of the common Nigerian nor am i Sowore who left his job in the United States only to end up getting an all expense paid trip to the DSS den for protesting against the government’s shortcomings.

I am a suffering and smiling Nigerian who understand the reason why Mr. President must treat the slightest of headache in the United Kingdom despite clamouring that no Nigerian must travel beyond his village in the search for a cure to their ailment.

I am a Nigerian who understands the need for the government to renovate the National Assembly with N37bn because this would allow the lawmakers to finally make laws in a more conducive area for the betterment of their the people. I wonder how much it will cost to build another complex.

Nations crash once but  Nigeria is a country with many lives.  Anytime you think the country is facing a serious economic crisis, a saviour comes to it’s rescue. One man who have on numerous occasions come to the country’s rescue is late Gen.Sanni Abacha.

Over the last few decades, the billions of naira Abacha allegedly embezzled have begun to find their way back into the national purse. These funds are coming just when we need them.

Just recently, The dead man transferred another $322 million from one of his numerous foreign accounts in the land of the dead to the federal government of Nigeria in the world of the living.

This money has been earmarked for the completion of vital national projects including the lagos-Ibadan expressway a road that has remain uncompleted forever.

It is pertinent for other corrupt Nigerian political leaders to emulate the giant strides of Sanni Abacha when they are out of office or six feet away from their current position. They must ensure that irrespective of how tight their schedule is when they leave office they transfer back the country’s loot anytime we need them badly.

Even if it means the transaction would happen from their grave. As long as the money keep coming in like parte after parte.


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