Ymonitor Issue 38: Money Triangle


When it comes to matters of the heart, keeping your partner happy and committed is all in a day’s work – we’re not entirely sure how the AGF & CBN (Auditor General Of The Federation & Central Bank Of Nigeria), intends to play around this rough play but for the N596bn, the Senate who is an outsider in their relationship has decided to tag along – I mean, three too can play the game.

In an almost calming chill, the Senate actually had the guts to meddle in their relationship concerning how the two bodies (referring to the Auditor General of the Federation & the Central Bank Of Nigeria) were spending Nigeria’s Ecological Funds, using it to sustain all their ‘Bae-cations’, by calling them out – a jealous act maybe, actually Jealousy has a bad rap but it’s normal to want to guard the people we love. So, in this love triangle, it’s absolutely confusing to place who is to who.

However, the game of truth or dare was played, the Senate found out that not only was the Ecological funds not well accounted for between the period of 1999 to December 2015 – with the truth card while with the dare card, the CBN had to respond that they didn’t have the necessary documentation to present their case but would be back the next day or the next decade, that we’re unsure of to continue this romantic enchantment.

Trust, the Ymonitor page to give you further gist on this!


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