Ymonitor Issue 41: Assembly Of Longerthroats


National Assembly Of Longerthroats

Everyone is familiar with the apparent knack of the youths of Nigeria to be lazy as described by our president, erstwhile ago. However, until recently no one knew how hardworking members of the National Assembly were

Our President through his Spokesperson, relayed his thoughts by having the spotlight on the very hard work these people put into everything they do – the sleepless nights deliberating on bills, trying to pass bills into laws. For instance, the PIB that took just 17 years to be passed – not to underplay most of the empty seats in the Senate as a result of too much stress too

Considerably, it was also highlighted that said people weren’t overpaid as perceived by the general public. Suggesting that the enormous work done is underappreciated & being put under the radar

With these few points of his, he hopes to have been able to undernote that Gluttony is truly not a secret vice, it might even be innocuous were it not for the fact that gluttons tend to disregard whether their self-serving behaviours harm anyone else. We don’t need to look far and wide to find examples of gluttonous behaviour, as they are numerous throughout the history that is Nigeria

After all, “We go all chop National Cake”


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