Ymonitor Issue 40: Go & Sin No More



Fortunately for us all sinners inclusive those who are about to, excluding the thousand that have been persecuted who probably didn’t kill more than one person – since we’re at it – they now have an agency for us – not sure if a digital arm would spring up, however maybe a mobile app would be in-play that would send us a daily prompt on today’s quote from the agency, on if to shoot our neighbour on the head or not, as well as to clarify if there’s a better way to put the bomb in our bodies or not – one thing is for sure the Nigerian Biblical book would keep us safe from harm

From the books, Jesus commands the adulterous woman to “Go and Sin no more” – the question was “why would he say this if it were impossible to stop sinning?” – many different explanations have been suggested in varying degrees of ridiculousness

Back to Nigeria, which ranks as one of the world’s most religious countries, the Senate has introduced a bill for the establishment of an agency for the education, rehabilitation, de-radicalisation & integration of repentant insurgents back into the system

Probably one of them could be driving the next bus taking you to Obalende, as if to suggest “Go & Sin no more…” –
‘May God epp us’


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