YMonitor Issue 49: Sanwo’s Leading From The Front

Take two, scene…1, 2, action. As the virus swooped in more numbers, the second in command, his aide had just informed him, the gallant man, strongest in the kingdom, breathing fire through his nose, the one who wears no face mask, the one who uses no hand sanitizers, all hail, His grace; Babajide of the House, Sanwo-Olu, the first of his name, the banner of Okadas, founder of the trekking association & lord of the Lagos Kingdoms, Nigeria inclusive, as the aide announces that the enemy, the virus had inflicted a million.

Selflessly, headstrong & without a smell of fear in him, he leads forward. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, a befitting name for someone paying for his name, O Sanwo Ilu. Silencing his critics with the fight against the deadly disease, Covid-19. Teaching a masterclass on Leadership in Crisis, as our other ceremonial head watches on humming Covik-19 in a stout Hausa intonation.

The first lesson in crisis management is, always communicate because when a leader goes quiet in crisis times, the rumour mill would thrive. Hence, the need to make comments surrounding the activities of the Lagos State Government in its handling of the numerous crisis, this year.

From the swift response to the Abule-ado explosion to the on-going management of the Covid-19, while the Covik-19 proponer watches on.


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