YMonitor Issue 48: Boju Boju

“E dn happen” La Casa de loan, Spanish for the Loan Heist casting the Kogi Government as the notorious Berlin, APC as the master planner Professor, MDAs as cunny Tokyo, NASS as witty Rio. Where they are ‘heisting’ the people of Nigeria & Nigeria in general for billions in debt for the foreseeable future.

A Netflix Nigeria Original Series, so you can Netflix & be Boiling rather than chilling. Or, how else do you explain all the loans being requested for left, right & centre?
the Senate okayed Buhari’s $22.7bn loan request is Episode 1 of the short series, APC tackles Diri over N2.9bn loan for Vehicles, NASS approved N36bn loan request from the ADB for Kogi State Government, ends the series.

With Premiers continuing for a while, one thing is uncertain, how long this loan collection will be but one thing sure is certain, “E dn Happen, Egungun dn reach Express” because how, who & when are they paying back all these loans?


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