Ymonitor Issue 51: Abuja Inferno

About a week ago when the whole nation thought if perhaps it would starve for months or even years, as the massive fire engulfed the treasure house.

Alas, the nation still was at a pause for a pulse, because what if humans were in there as the fire rumbled through the treasury despite that there was a stay-at-home directive. Was an intellectual burning candle over the night – we all know that usually ends in tears in a country where dreams are burnt in flames. Did the intellectual sleep off unknowingly.

Baffling yet, there is unwavering clamour for clarity seven (7) days after the circumstances surrounding the mysterious fire outbreak in critical offices such as the Treasury Single Account, Funds, Federal Account Allocation Committee & Revenue Department at the Headquarters of the office of the Accountant General of the Federation in Abuja.

The Nation still doesn’t know what caused the fire, the implications & if truly allegations surrounding critical documents & data on government revenue & expenditure were altered, which is said to contain forensic audits of subsidy regime, the intervention funds for Covid19 & social investment programs of the presidency.

Despite the inferno having fend over, Nigerians still demand relevant financial inquest, in these times of lack.



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