Ymonitor Issue 52: Ela Oju Kan

An overfed, bellied senior colleague who had sat on the seat of power for more than 10years, with a track record of having spent millions of dirty Nigerian naira on private trips to the Dubai, luxury tours around the high-grade part of the world, driving around in electric Teslas, while sending out funds to all his concubines in the business, grasped for air.

Now with a lot of funds at hand, however little to no possible exit to spend said funds & the borders of the world closed, the senior colleague has taken ill. Supposedly being taken to a local hospital, he shivers because he knows what to expect; an underpaid weary doctor prying his body with low-quality medical tools amidst congested & undersupplied labour.

He quivers further at the thought with a closed International border, no foreign luxurious hospital to go, he has to deal with this, “like a drug one craves even though you know it will destroy you”.

No underlining tone, it’s just another episode of “na-we-use-our-hand-dey-do-ourselves”, in the series, “Keeping up with the members of Sinzu family” showing on Ela-Oju-Kan TV.



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