22 October 2020

YMonitor Issue 71: Soro Soke

Lagos Times with affiliations to the “New York Times” already termed it the best selling book of the decade. The “How to not give an audio […]
22 October 2020

YMonitor Issue 70: #EndBadGovernance

Decked in all my belongings. IPhone in hand, some fancy dread-locked hair, clean clothes but with a rugged torn jean pant on. All worked for, with […]
22 June 2020

YMonitor Issue 66: #NoToBadGovernance

While the Nigerian Youth toils away, burning late-night candles reading, sweating away trading, building businesses in an environment that doesn’t do much to enable youths & […]
22 June 2020

YMonitor Issue 65: DemoCRAZY

Democrazy, a Nigerian-Netflix series which is a not-so-light shade of all the gbas gbos happening in the country, yet showing how much Nigerians show up for […]
22 June 2020

YMonitor Issue 64: Chop and clean mouth

Giving awards for good governance & Nigerian Government never misses out, always in the top three, & most times coming out tops like Messi in the […]
11 June 2020

YMonitor issue 63: Overload

Different varying definition exists for this concept inclusive the “detty” one that’s on your mind, hides-face. However, the one that concerns us right now is the […]