2 November 2022

Infographic: Is Nigeria Spending Enough on Education?

Following the eight months #ASUU strike that brought tertiary education to its knee in Nigeria, questions are being asked on how education will be prioritised in 2023. So, […]
24 August 2022

530 Students Per Teacher: The Gradual Collapse of Education in Yobe State

By Usman Adamu Muhammad and Ishau Muhamad Yusuf Yobe state has been one of the Northeastern states seriously affected by the Boko-Haram insurgency for more than […]
16 August 2022

Unpaid staffs salaries, deplorable learning facilities : Is Abia State taking education for granted?

An excellent educational system is responsible for increasing the rate of productivity amongst citizens, stimulating innovation, enhancing entrepreneurship skills, and propagating industrial advancement in a nation. […]
6 July 2022

YMonitor Launches Policy Review on Nigeria’s National Policy on Education

Education, the great equaliser, is in a debilitating crisis state in Nigeria today. With the world’s highest out-of-school children, poor funding and management, poor teaching quality, […]
27 June 2022

The youth and Governance in Nigeria: Can there ever be a synergy?

Nigeria is currently in a situation where nothing functions in the country. Aside from the numerous problems that have riddled the country for decades (with nothing […]
2 June 2021

Nigerians spend over N160 billion annually on UK universities

Considering Nigeria’s economic challenges, the multitude of Nigerian students abroad causes a financial drain which subtly affects the nation’s economy and educational sector. Especially because most […]
14 April 2021

Nigeria’s Educational Sector: An analysis of students’ brain & financial drain

The quality of education in any country is critical to its national and human capital development. Education is regarded as an effective tool to transform and […]
9 April 2021

Higher Education and National Development: The Nigerian Context

The last few years have witnessed a renewed interest in the social impact of higher education. Recent discoveries have suggested that higher institutions play a huge […]
7 April 2021

Why Reforming The Educational Sector Alone Cannot Curtail Nigeria’s Out-of-school Children Rate

According to UNICEF, the rate of out-of-school children in Nigeria accounts for one-five of the world out-of-school and 45 per cent of the total out-of-school children […]