15 November 2022

How Nigeria’s Excessive Debt Burden Affects the Citizens’ Welfare

Excessive national debt is one of the main threats to a country and all its citizens. The implication of excessive national debt might not be apparent […]
23 September 2022

How Nigerian Oil Thieves Cost Nigeria $700 million Monthly

By Salmon Adedapo The Nation was shaken when NNPCL Group Managing Director Mele Kyari declared during a state briefing last week that the company lost 700 […]
19 August 2022

N41.6 trillion public debt: would Nigeria ever stop borrowing?

It’s official. The country is currently in fiscal distress. Crude oil is currently trading at an all-time high in a very long time, and yet the […]
16 July 2022

Corruption and the failure of Nigeria’s Anti-graft Wars

Since returning to democracy in 1999, Nigeria has been plagued with myriad issues, which include Insecurity, dilapidated infrastructure, and epileptic electricity; corruption takes the crown among […]
16 March 2022

How N8.16trn Federal Allocation was shared among Federal Government, States and Local Governments in 2021

Remember when the Federal Government, States and Local Governments shared some FAAC goodies with themselves last year? We bring you a breakdown of who got the […]
7 January 2022

Breakdown of the 2022 Appropriation Bill

President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday, 31st December 2021 signed the 2022 Appropriation Bill into law. According to the budget passed by the National Assembly in December, […]
26 July 2021

YMonitor Accountability Project: Five years impact story

YMonitor accountability project is an initiative of The Future Project Africa (TFP), a developmental organisation dedicated to building a network of empowered citizens – through jobs, […]
7 May 2021

Scams and Fallacies worth N39.5bn in the 2021 National Budget

The 2021 national budget comprises 19,036 capital projects, out of which 316 projects were duplicated within 74 federal agencies spread across 23 ministries with a cumulative […]
6 May 2021

Is Nigeria’s ₦33 trillion debt Caused By Decreasing Revenue or Lavish Expenditures?

With the steady increase in the nation’s debt profile, we further analysed the significant causes of the increasing debt stock – either its decreasing revenue or […]