30 April 2021

Freedom of Information Act and the Challenge of State Domestication in Nigeria

By Omidiji Olamilekan and Lilian Efobi Freedom of information refers to citizens’ right to access public records or information. It is a constitutional entrenchment that gives […]
26 March 2021

How To Engage Our FOI Ambassadors

Should you need to use the FOI Act and don’t know how to use it? We have foot soldiers in form of ambassadors across the six […]
24 March 2021

YMonitor FOI Ambassadors take FOI Campaign Nationwide, Engage Stakeholders

In recent time, many nations have begun to recognise the significance of an open and transparent government in strengthening democracy, mitigating corruption and promoting national development. […]
19 February 2021

Basic tips for effective Freedom Of Information (FOI) Request

Access to government records is critical to understanding official policies and government decision-making processes, such as budgeting and allocation.  Having access to public records or information […]
3 February 2021

The Freedom of Information and Citizen Empowerment

Freedom of information is an integral part of every functioning democracy and an efficient tool for citizen empowerment to hold the government accountable. When citizens have […]
2 February 2021

Call For Ymonitor FOI Ambassadors (Applications Opened Nationwide)

Call For Ambassadors!!! For The Future Project’s @tfaafrica Freedom Of Information Training Workshop Do you reside in Nigeria? And you are, 18-35 years? Are you a […]
20 January 2021

Call For Applications for Freedom Information Training

Rife with the need to keep demanding good governance. The Future Project @tfaafrica is announcing the call for applications for the #YMonitorFOI Training for social innovators, […]
8 December 2020

Freedom of Information (FOI) Act in Nigeria

Having access to public information can also mean Freedom of Information. This explicitly refers to a citizen’s right to access information held by public authorities. FOI […]
4 December 2020

The Future Project launches the Freedom of Information (FOI) Project to encourage transparency in governance 

As part of their goal to solve the continent’s largest issues, The Future Project is set to launch the Freedom of Information (FOI) project – a […]