26 September 2022

Kwarans decry poor administration across Local Governments

The residents of Kwara State have decried the performance of local government administrations in dissatisfaction with the state of governance at the grassroots. This was made […]
23 March 2021

The Role Of Free Press In Achieving Good Governance In Nigeria

The Press is recognisably the fourth estate of the realm and the watchdog of the people. Beyond the functions of information dissemination, the press has the […]
19 March 2021

Policy Recommendations To Reduce The High Cost of Governance in Nigeria

The high cost of governance in Nigeria has been a debatable issue for several years, yet no specific and yielding solution has been provided. In this […]
19 March 2021

High Cost of Governance: What is There to Know?

It is indeed worrying that despite the “not-so-good” state of things in Nigeria and the numerous plights that need to be attended to with a fraction […]
17 March 2021

Importance of Local Government Autonomy

Many difficulties face local government in the 21st century: delivering administrations; absence of account; overseeing staff; engaging residents; making new partnerships, and quickly advancing technology and […]
21 October 2020

State Of Data

Nigeria’s Government Problematic relationship is best captured by its decade long politicisation of census numbers which in its entirety affects adequate Nation building. The last time […]
28 September 2016

Ymonitor Poll

  Eighty nine percent of our followers subscribed to a yes vote on the removal of security votes for governors while just eleven percent were on […]
10 August 2016

YNaija partners the National Endowment for Democracy and The Future Project to launch Y! Monitor

  The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and The Future Project (TFP) in partnership with, the online newspaper for young Nigerians have launched the ‘YNaija […]