6 May 2021

NNPC revenue shortfall: Revisiting the dwindling performance of states’ Internally Generated Revenue

Towards the end of last month, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation alerted the federal and state governments to its dwindling contribution to the federation account owing […]
2 April 2021

Fiscal Sustainability Of States In Nigeria

Over time, poor fiscal planning and misplaced expenditure priorities have resulted in fiscal crises in many Nigerian states. This is evident in the lack of fiscal […]
15 February 2021

The Decreasing Performance of States’ Internally Generated Revenue [Report]

The Decreasing Performance of States’ Internally Generated Revenue [Report]
22 July 2020

Infographics: Total revenue available to states (IGR and FAAC) in 2019

4 September 2019

YMonitor Infographics: What the figures say about Kogi

by Usman Alabi Do you think Kogi state’s governance record has been impressive? Not an industrial state like Lagos, its commercial base is agriculture and the […]
14 August 2019

See your state’s Internally generated revenue in 2018

by Ajadi Daniel S/N States Internally Generated Revenue (IGR 2018) 1 Abia N14,834,904,447.49 2 Adamawa N6,204,876,665.62 3 Akwa Ibom N24,210,810,102.72 4 Anambra N19,305,267,646.94 5 Bauchi N9,690,832,177.58 […]
16 August 2018

After ten years of waiting, Lagos light rail project to be completed in 2022

by Chinedu Brown The Lagos light rail project which has been touted to be the flagship of light rail projects in the country now has a […]
12 April 2018

On the states budget of hypocrisy, PR stunts, and deficits (SEE FIGURES)

by Usman Alabi Only few of the 36 states have the financial capacity to effectively implement their 2018 budgets. Budget making in Nigeria has become a […]
5 April 2018

Vigilant Report: Citizens unable to renew passport, told that there is no booklet

by Opeoluwa Quadri One would not have expected this to be a major problem in another clime, these are common issues that makes citizens lose confidence […]