YMonitor Issue 005: Captain of the Seven Seas


Eyo Emmanuel.

Houses and farmlands have been washed away in seven local governments in Yobe state. Communities such as: Fika, Machina, Nguru, Damaturu, Geidam, Damaturu and Busari local government areas. However just before you exclaim with an “eyah” because of the pity you must feel for the poor citizens that have been affected. You may want to pause on the pity party as this is not the first time Yobe is experiencing a flood of this nature. In 2017, the Yobe state emergency management agency reported a total of 300 houses being lost to the flood. What is the Yobe state government waiting for? An intervention? Or a prayer?

If Moses were here he would have parted the floods like he did the red sea. Unfortunately there’s no Moses with a rod to save them, and until the Yobe state government wakes up, the flood gates are going to flow in abundance and they can be rest assured that there will be nothing heavenly about it.


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