YMonitor Issue 47: Boju Boju

Remember how in the game of hide & seek, we used to want to be hidden from our friends longer just so we win the game – because the longer you’re hidden, the better for them not to know what you’re up to.

Well, a ‘cloak of darkness’ bill has been passed across which seeks to amend a section 308 in the constitution to provide immunity to the presiding officer of the National Assembly & the House of Representatives.

In retrospect, what this means is the possibility of them being able to press a button that hides them, such that everyone keeps looking out for them & they’re probably under the cloak or under the table consuming the National Cake, in comfort – being also able to share the cake, in ease amongst their colleagues would be another plus.

Nigerians don’t want this cloak of darkness, we’ve yearned for transparency enough but this looks a thousand steps backwards. It’s all a game for these people, a game of boju boju.

Bojuuu Bojuuu, Oh!, Oloro’n bọ?


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