22 May 2023

Beyond the Power Struggle: Why a Strong Opposition Party is Crucial for Nigeria’s Democracy

The 2023 elections marked a turning point in Nigeria’s opposition politics as a potent third force emerged. Peter Obi of the Labour Party became the first […]
15 November 2022

What You Should Know About the Proposed 2023 Budget

2022 has been an intense year for Nigeria – with eight months of ASUU strike, humongous debt servicing, flooding, insecurity, etc. Hopes of rejuvenation were lifted […]
3 November 2022

Infographic: How President Buhari Plans to Spend the 2023 Budget

Ever wondered what Ministry, Department or Agency (MDAs) will be most prioritised in 2023? We did a breakdown of the budgetary allocation to MDAs
22 October 2020


“A serious government would not take long to address the concerns of her citizens” More than a week into the #EndSARsmovement. The Youths are on the […]
7 April 2020

Ymonitor Issue 45: International Influencer

Foremost, Bespoke foreign influencer who has mostly toured the world on behalf of our country – the well known PMB & his fellow influencer colleagues from […]
25 February 2020

Ymonitor Issue 41: Assembly Of Longerthroats

  National Assembly Of Longerthroats – Everyone is familiar with the apparent knack of the youths of Nigeria to be lazy as described by our president, […]
19 September 2019

YMonitor Issue 016: Broken Record

by Eyo Emmanuel Remember when in a not too distant past when CD’s were the in thing and that’s how you listened to your music. . […]
12 September 2019

YMonitor Issue 15: Winner

by Eyo Emmanuel   The results have come in and it’s safe to say the obvious result is out. The five man panel put in charge […]
9 September 2019

With the age range of our new ministers, we know for sure that the the future is young

by Eyo Emmanuel In Nigeria it seems we’re always in a constant celebration of national opposite day. National opposite day simply put is that day where […]