17 September 2019

YMonitor Infographics: See how much your state received as allocation in July 2019

  The federal allocation to state is a vivid indication of the need for states to explore more options to generate revenue internally so as to […]
9 September 2019

With the age range of our new ministers, we know for sure that the the future is young

by Eyo Emmanuel In Nigeria it seems we’re always in a constant celebration of national opposite day. National opposite day simply put is that day where […]
4 September 2019

YMonitor Infographics: What the figures say about Kogi

by Usman Alabi Do you think Kogi state’s governance record has been impressive? Not an industrial state like Lagos, its commercial base is agriculture and the […]
4 September 2019

Has governance improved in Lagos after the new administratrion’s 100 days in Office?

by Usman Alabi Governance in Lagos practically crumbled the moment it became obvious that the immediate past governor, Akinwunmi Ambode would not be running for a […]
14 August 2019

See your state’s Internally generated revenue in 2018

by Ajadi Daniel S/N States Internally Generated Revenue (IGR 2018) 1 Abia N14,834,904,447.49 2 Adamawa N6,204,876,665.62 3 Akwa Ibom N24,210,810,102.72 4 Anambra N19,305,267,646.94 5 Bauchi N9,690,832,177.58 […]
31 July 2019

See Federal allocation to LGAs in Ekiti for April 2019

by Seyi Olaniyan Federal allocation to Local government areas in Oyo. It may be difficult to have a conversation on local government autonomy if the states […]
31 July 2019

See Federal allocation to LGAs in Oyo for April 2019

by Seyi Olaniyan It is important that we take action with this information. Every LGA receives  allocation from the Federal government on a monthly basis. But […]
25 July 2019


by Usman Alabi Ondo has a population of 4,515,660. Its 2019 budget is N193.903 billion. Capital expenditure is N90.113billion while the recurrent expenditure is N83.852 billion. […]
24 June 2019

Infographics: What the numbers say about Ekiti

by Usman Alabi, Ekiti’s 2019 budget is one of the states in Nigeria that has its budget published on the official government website. Quite commendable when […]