12 February 2021

#OnOurRadar: Do you know about the World-Bank-Nigeria Partnership on poverty reduction?

#OnOurRadar We take a look at the recent Nigeria-World Bank partnership on poverty reduction. This looks like a promising initiative if well executed. This initiative comes […]
11 February 2021

Analysis of the 2019, 2020 debt profile of states

Analysis of the 2019, 2020 debt profile of states According to the Debt Management Office (DMO) of the nation, there has been an increase in states’ […]
10 February 2021

#OnOurRadar: How Refineries lost N152.08bn in fifteen (15) months

#OnOurRadar Talk about inefficiency. We shine the spotlight on government-controlled refineries in the last 15months, as we observed the increasing wastage especially at a time when […]
9 February 2021

2006-2021: The ordeal of the Lagos Light Rail project

The Lagos light rail project is taking too long to even think about coming. The project that started in 2008 should address the transportation challenges experienced […]
5 February 2021

The importance of Financial independence in LG administration 

The more significant part of Nigeria’s 774 local governments is in an awful monetary position. This critical circumstance can be attributed to a range of elements […]
5 February 2021

Democracy, Rule of law and Good governance: The Nigerian experience

Democracy, the rule of law and good governance; are seemingly interrelated concepts. These concepts are considered vital elements necessary for the development of an ideal state. […]
4 February 2021

The wrongs in the 1999 constitution

The wrongs in the 1999 constitution  That the Federal Republic of Nigeria is today being administered as per a constitution that is ill-conceived is a reality […]
4 February 2021

Nigeria’s Federalism is a failed one [An Analysis]

Nigeria’s federalism is a failed one: An analysis. The increased advocacy for true federalism in Nigeria, after the 1999 democratic transition indicates a defect with the […]
4 February 2021

Challenges of Universal Basic Education in Nigeria

Education in Nigeria is in a mess from top to bottom.  As the level of educational development of a country has a substantial effect on its […]