13 February 2017

Budgetary allocation to Federal Universities

by Ajadi Daniel Below is the infographics on Budgetary allocation to federal universities. All in billions Let us have your view on this.
9 February 2017

Have you seen the budgetary allocation to all federal secondary schools?

by Ajadi Daniel Check out budgetary allocation to federal secondary schools. School Total recurrent expend Total Capital expend Allocation FSC Sokoto N213,497,922 N131,769,713 N345,267,635 FGC Azare […]
8 February 2017

Check out the budgetary allocation to Federal Colleges of Education in the 2017 proposed budget

by Usman Alabi Have you seen the budgetary allocation to federal colleges of education in the 2017 proposed budget. FEDERAL COLLEGES EDUCATION   Total recurrent expenditure […]
8 February 2017

2017 budget: Allocation to Federal Polytechnics in Nigeria

by Usman Alabi Check out budgetary allocation to Federal Polytechnics. Federal Polytechnics Total recurrent expenditure Total Capital expenditure ALLOCATION FED Poly ADO EKITI N3,190,781,685 N62,123,714 N3,252,905,399 […]
8 February 2017

Have you seen the Budgetary Allocation to Federal Universities in the 2017 proposed budget?

by Usman Alabi The table shows allocation for Federal Universities, including their capital and recurrent expenditure. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria had the highest Allocation, Federal University, […]
6 February 2017

YMonitor Quarterly show: Budget Transparency at the level of the State–Video

By YMonitor  Our guests on the show also spoke extensively on the #OpenLagosBudget campaign in the light of budget secrecy amongst states in Nigeria. Let us […]
6 February 2017

#IStandWithNigeria protest: Next month there would be the biggest of all the rallies–Charley boy

by Usman Alabi Charly boy at the protest.
6 February 2017

#IStandWithNigeria: Seyi Law addressing protesters: Video

by YMonitor Seyi law at the protest ground also addressing protesters.
6 February 2017

#IStandWithNigeria protest: Protesters decry the parlous state of the economy, suggest a revolution

by YMonitor Share your thought with us on the video. Do you agree with the protesters that the parlous state of the economy would only require […]