14 February 2022

Number of Nigerians killed by Boko Haram, bandits, unknown gunmen, kidnappers and suspected robbers in 2021

Several Dimensions of threats to national peace exist in Nigeria, from religious conflicts to ethnic-based violence, oil-influenced environmental crises among several others. While the activities of […]
7 February 2022

Media, Democracy and Good Governance in Nigeria

The media is often acknowledged as the Fourth Estate of the Realm, which follows as a matter of importance after the three arms of government in […]
3 February 2022

Analysis on Voters’ Turnout for Presidential Elections (1999 – 2019)

It has become highly perturbing that in recent times, there seems to be a major decline in the rate of voters’ turnout during elections in Nigeria. […]
31 January 2022

Corruption Perceptions Index: Revitalising Checks and Balances for Good Governance in Nigeria

In a disturbingly prevalent pattern, Nigeria again regresses in the league of nations of the world. As though responding to gravity, the country’s grading in the […]
31 January 2022

Nigeria’s Corruption Perception Index Rating (2013 – 2021)

Although the present administration prides itself as being heavy in the war against corruption, Nigeria’s ranking on the Corruption Perception Index has continues to worsen with […]
24 January 2022

Is a population and housing census necessary amidst rising insecurity | #2022Census

Census-taking in Nigeria is an intractable issue that has always been shrouded in controversy as a result of politicisation and ethnic sentiments. Prior to the population […]
19 January 2022

Maternal mortality ratio in Nigeria [Infographic]

Despite efforts targeted at addressing maternal deaths across the country, Nigeria’s maternal mortality ratio has remained high in the last two decades. The country currently accounts […]
14 January 2022

Nigeria’s Projected Borrowing for 2022 – 2024

Despite warning by economic experts on the implications of Nigeria’s increasing debt profile, the federal government continues to rely on borrowing in financing its expenditures. And […]
14 January 2022

Nigeria’s Proposed and Approved National Budget Comparison (2015 – Date)

While there have been concerns over increase by the National Assembly of proposed budget figures, the recently signed 2022 Appropriation Bill wasn’t an exception. The initial […]