19 March 2021

Fueling Nigeria’s future through investment in youths

By Omidiji Olamilekan Qayum The general belief is that a rising population of youth should stimulate economic and national development. While this may be true, it […]
18 March 2021

Problems Facing Local Governments in Nigeria

The local government is critical to grassroots development in any nation. No Nation can boast of grassroots development with a lack of effective and efficient local […]
17 March 2021

THE #5FOR5 DEMANDS: What’s done, what’s yet to be done?

On October 11th, 2020, the Nigerian Youths came up with the 5for5 demands a few days into the start of the #EndSars protests. The 5for5 demands […]
17 March 2021

Outspeaking citizens dissatisfaction: A review of global protests in 2020

Despite having one of the greatest public health challenges, leading to lockdowns, economic downturn, and triggering a repressive environment, the year 2020 emphasised the resilience of […]
17 March 2021

Freedom of expression, assembly amidst vicious clampdowns on protesters

Following Nigeria’s transition to civilian rule in 1999, improvements in freedom of expression and civil liberties were considered the shift’s immediate gains. Even though only little […]
17 March 2021

Access to information and its constraints in Nigeria

Access to information is vital to enable citizens to lend their voices, effectively keep the government on track, and dialogue critical decisions that affect their well […]
17 March 2021

The under-utilisation of Freedom of Information Act in Nigeria: A panacea

Despite the rigours and rigmarole undertaken to get the bill passed and signed into law, the Freedom of Information Act has since passage suffered gross under-utilisation […]
17 March 2021

Importance of Local Government Autonomy

Many difficulties face local government in the 21st century: delivering administrations; absence of account; overseeing staff; engaging residents; making new partnerships, and quickly advancing technology and […]
17 March 2021

Nigeria’s Unemployment Rate

For this week’s #DataOfTheWeek, we dwelled into the report on Nigeria’s unemployment rate. We aim to give insights into the growing rate of unemployment and Underemployment […]