8 April 2021

Accountability and Transparency: Ideal Pillars of Good Governance

Without doubt, good governance is equivalent to accountability and transparency, as an effective and efficient democratic system relies hugely on transparency and accountability.   In essence, transparent […]
8 April 2021

Potholetracker: Epe – Ijebu Ode Road, Ikoto [Photos]

Epe – Ijebu Ode road, Ikoto, Ogun State is in a dire state with many potholes that make plying the road difficult for commuters. Join us […]
8 April 2021

Potholetracker: Epe Garage Roundabout, Ijebu Ode [Photos]

The Epe Garage Roundabout, Ijebu Ode is now characterized with different cracks, potholes and other defects. An urgent intervention is needed at this roundabout to avoid […]
8 April 2021

Potholetracker: The partial fixing at Chris Ogunbanjo Way, Eruwon, Ijebu Ode needs completion [Photos]

The partial fixing of Chris Ogunbanjo Way, Eruwon, Ijebu Ode is calamitous and harmful to people in the vicinity. This tells a lot about the state […]
8 April 2021

Potholetracker: Bena Junction by Sawmill, Ilese, Ijebu Ode needs a major overhaul [Photos]

Several gapping potholes have been sighted at Bena Junction by Sawmill, Ilese, Ijebu Ode. With most of the parts washed away, the road needs an urgent […]
8 April 2021

Potholetracker: Barracks Gate-Juction, Ilese, Ijebu Ode needs fixing [Photos]

A set of potholes have been located at Barracks Gate-Juction, Ilese, Ijebu Ode. Immediate interventions are need as the potholes keep expanding. The state government need […]
7 April 2021

Nigeria Ranked 3rd in Global Unemployment Rate – NBS

Following up with our previous reports on the unemployment rate in Nigeria, as well as the government’s interventions to mitigate the unemployment rate, we take a […]
7 April 2021

Why Reforming The Educational Sector Alone Cannot Curtail Nigeria’s Out-of-school Children Rate

According to UNICEF, the rate of out-of-school children in Nigeria accounts for one-five of the world out-of-school and 45 per cent of the total out-of-school children […]
6 April 2021

Nigeria Now Has 10.3 million Out-of-school Children – FG

Despite making basic education free and compulsory, about 10.3 million children in Nigeria are still not in school. Our #DataOfTheWeek focuses on the rate of out-of-school […]